Alton Sculpture Trail

What is sculpture?

sculpture of locomotive emerging from wall

Sculpture can mean different things to different people and this trail aims to help you discover what could be considered sculptural in your local town.

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Alton Sculpture Trail

We hope you enjoy this walk around Alton in Hampshire looking at your surroundings and that it will enable you to form an opinion of 'artistic' things in public spaces.

Can you recognise a sculpture?

A sculpture is a three dimensional form made of various materials including wood, stone, metal, marble or even modern plastics that aim to use and manipulate the surrounding area. As a three dimensional form you can not see all the sculpture at once, so as you move around the object the appearance is always changing.

Things you may ask yourself about individual sculptures you discover may include - do you like its location; what is it made of; does it have a use; is it there simply to be looked at; can you climb on it; how would you describe it to a friend; how large (or small!) is it; is it old or new; does it depict a famous person or notable event.